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Franchised products selection and design-in assistance service.


  • Provide agent product cost reduction alternative material selection;
  • Assist to complete the design, testing, verification and optimization of product solutions;

  • Provide sample application as required;


Provide the complete BOM "one-stop" full set supply chain service, and relieve you of some of the extra worries of purchasing goods.


  • Decreasing the number of complicated steps involved in the price enquiry process, providing a kind of specialized purchasing group for purchasing staff;

  • Achieving up to a 90% rate for complete material sets, lowering the cost of price inquiry;

  • Comprehensive operations 24 hours a day, every day, allowing even more demands to be met in a short period of time.


Provide more types and smaller batches of component supply services, solving your problems with prototype product testing, new product R&D, and the need for emergency supplemental products in item orders.


  • Practically no limitations on order quantities or amounts;
  • Helping you control your budget with capital for the R&D phase;
  • Aiding with follow-up inquiries to gauge the market supply conditions for each material, ensuring stability of demand.


Providing Shortage , Obsolete, Hard to Find and Industrial components.


  • Over 7,000 companies have good, reliable stock available at all times, and 40% of the original factory agents are flexible with order placements;

  • Supply of goods channel covers all over Europe, North America, Japan and Korea;
  • Efficient ERP e-commerce platform looks at the world from every angle.


Provide lower costs on components with long term supplies and goods preparation services, easing your anxieties about having a steady supply of your commonly used model number.


  • Timely feedback of market trends for the material, corresponding with the drawn up production plan forecasts, bringing about extra factory stock material management;

  • Many different types of prepared batch plans reduces the amount of forms and business transaction costs and time;
  • Over 300 well known OEM and EMS factories frequently make use of the flexible transfer of stock.


Provide surplus electronic material stock commissions and storage cleaning services, helping you lower property damage and withdrawn capital.


  • Thousands of businesses have latent customer demands that could increase the realizable rate of idle stock, enriching the company's fluid funds;

  • High-speed, simple and highly successful solution to the pressure of having surplus stock;
  • Lower the stock supervisor expenses and storage space, controlling the risk of loss for multiple stock inventories.


Provide a testing service for third party components, freeing you of your concerns about the quality of products.


  • Providing a specialized testing report on basic functions;

  • Helping to recommend appropriate product testing centers;
  • Assisting in training quality factory inspectors to acquire the skills and methods needed to test the basic exterior appearance of components.


Provide increased value services both before and after the sale, serving as your personal consultant while you deal with various thorny problems.


  • Help search for technology support files, datasheets, and other materials;

  • Help search for different substitution plans for difficult-to-find components that are out of production;
  • Supply sample applications according to demand.




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