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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance



Supplier Management


According to the supplier AVL system, Unibetter Technology conducts strict access audits for suppliers, According to the nature of suppliers, it is divided into four grades: M/D/O/E.



Incoming & Receipt of Material


Unibetter Technology has a complete set of incoming material inspection process (three-level inspection system), and cooperates with third-party authoritative inspection centers such as Foxconn to control the quality inspection process strictly to ensure that the quality of incoming materials is free of problems.


                                                       Three-level inspection system

                                                              ● The first level: packaging and label inspection
                                                              ● The second level: visual inspection
                                                              ● The third level : X-ray, cover opening, electrical performance testing.



Third-party authority


Facilities and Standards


Unibetter Technology abides by international and industry testing standards strictly, and has an golden sample database for incoming material inspection and comparison with 10W+ gold sample data can escort your components.


Reference Inspection Standard


                                                             ● IPC/JEDEC Solid State Technology Association Standard
                                                             ● GB/T2828.1-2012 National Sampling Standard
                                                             ● IDEA-STD-1010-B Independent Distributors Alliance Electronic Components Quality Inspection Standard
                                                             ● MIL-STD-883 Test Methods and Procedures for Microelectronic Devices
                                                             ● ISO9001 standard
                                                             ● Customer requirements
                                                             ● Specifications
                                                             ● Golden sample database

Item Detectable



External visual inspection

Unibetter QC laboratory testing

Third-party laboratory testing

Supplier Category

Processing plant/ Authorized agents

Domestic and foreign terminals

The material is required to be detected by the client/business side

Item Detectable

Appearance visual inspection to ensure that the model, sealing, packaging, production batch, humidity sensitivity level, oxidation, etc. meet the requirements;

Authenticity testing, labeling and packaging testing, appearance and electrical testing, X-ray non-destructive testing, lid opening testing, solderability testing、

Reliability test, key function test, chemical unpacking test, DC characteristic parameter test, ultrasonic scanning test, etc.

Testing Equipment

microscope, magnifying glass

4K high-definition microscope, X-ray tester, metallographic microscope, physical decapper, semiconductor characteristic grapher, LCR test bridge, multimeter, signal generator, etc.

Laser capping machine, ultrasonic scanner, signal generator, semiconductor tester and other professional laboratory equipment

Reference testing standard

Specification sheet, customer requirements, GB/T2828.1-2012 national sampling standard

Golden Sample database, GB/T2828.1-2012 National Sampling Standard, IDEA-STD-1010-B Independent Distributors Alliance Electronic Components Quality Inspection Standard, MIL-STD-883 Experimental Methods and Procedures for Microelectronic Devices, Specification sheet, etc.

International general testing standards and industry standards for electronic components


Testing Equipment




Warehousing & Packaging

Warehousing Environment

The storage area is 2000 square meters. 6S standard throughout the whole process, ESD protection management, in line with ISO management standards, 365 days 24 hours to ensure product safety.


Packaging Rules


The products are packaged and handled in strict accordance with the packaging specifications for electronic components. It is also equipped with vacuuming machine, oven, SMT counting machine, strapping machine and laser marking machine to ensure that the packaging meets the requirements of the industry. 



Logistics and Delivery


Unibetter Technology uses SAP warehousing intelligent management system, information management, improves logistics efficiency to ensure the timeliness of products and transportation safety.



Delivery Time




Transport  Safety



Improvement and Service


Continuous personnel training and development

Continuously optimize internal control management

Continuous upgrade environment tools

Continuously strengthen logistics and quality control capability

Continuously improve customer service and after-sales management


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