UniBetter: Leveraging Supply Chain Expertise to Secure Original Low-Priced Stock for a Company in IoT Industry


Company E specializes in high-end home automation systems. In the competitive landscape of supply chain management, businesses often face challenges that can significantly impact their operations and profitability. Company E's story is a testament to the power of strategic partnerships and innovative solutions in overcoming such challenges. This case study will explore how UniBetter's expertise in supply chain management provided Company E with a competitive edge, resulting in substantial cost savings and a strengthened business relationship.


Company E, facing delays from their original manufacturer, found themselves in need of sourcing original low-priced stock to maintain their market position. The supply chain disruptions between 2020 and 2022 highlighted the vulnerability of relying on traditional procurement methods. UniBetter, a supply chain expert, was approached to leverage its network and expertise to secure more cost-effective alternatives for Company E.

UniBetter's Approach

Understanding the Client’s Needs

UniBetter’s business team took a hands-on approach to understand Company E’s history, supply chain management, testing center, and warehouse environment. This deep dive into the client’s operations was crucial for tailoring a solution that would not only address the immediate supply issue but also align with the client’s long-term business objectives.

Overcoming Barriers

Despite the constraint of a one-hour meeting and the challenges posed by distance, UniBetter’s team demonstrated their commitment to the partnership by making every effort to attend the meeting. This gesture underscored UniBetter’s dedication to building a strong collaborative relationship with Company E.

Strategic Sourcing

UniBetter utilized its supply chain to source original low-priced stock, bypassing agents and the original manufacturer to find better prices. This strategic move not only provided immediate relief to Company E but also showcased UniBetter’s capability to adapt and respond to supply chain disruptions effectively.


The collaboration between Company E and UniBetter yielded impressive results. Company E realized cost savings of 5 to 8 million RMB, a significant financial impact that reinforced UniBetter’s position as the preferred non-agent component supplier in China for Company E.


The case of Company E  and UniBetter is a clear illustration of how supply chain expertise and a proactive approach to partnership can lead to remarkable outcomes. UniBetter’s ability to provide cost-effective solutions amidst supply chain challenges not only delivered immediate financial benefits to Company E but also cemented a long-term business relationship based on trust, reliability, and shared success.

This case study serves as a powerful example for businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of supply chain management and highlights the importance of choosing the right partners to thrive in a dynamic market environment.