Unmatched Quality Assurance

Our proprietary CSD quality management system has 3-levels of quality testing of electronic components performed using state-of-the-art infrastructure, and highly trained engineers and quality assurance managers.

UniBetter: ISO 9001 Quality Management
Certified Electronic Component Distributors

We understand that the electronic components that you use are critical for the foundation of your business innovations. Quality management is at the core of our operations because we want to support your business to reach new heights without having to worry about the reliability of the electronic parts. 

UniBetter’s quality assurance is the result of our proprietary CSD quality management system and the internal quality control flow. The CSD quality management system standardizes processes related to pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale. Each element of UniBetter’s quality control flow is set to ensure that every electronic component goes through multiple rounds of thorough inspections before delivery.


Square Meters in Our Warehouse Area


Golden Samples in our Database




Nonstop Monitoring for Product Safety


Quality Assuarance Based On Eliminating All Counrfeit Products

Quality Management System


Integrated All-Inclusive Workflow

Working procedures are established and followed by all branches.

Full Inspection of Incoming Materials

A three-level inspection system is established for all incoming materials.

Comprehensive Channel Management

The AVL system categorizes suppliers as M, D, O, and E to manage quality effectively.



Standardized working procedures are followed throughout all operations.

Inspection Standard

We strictly adhere to international and industry testing standards.

Golden Sample Database

This in-house library helps us to maintain quality benchmarks.


Service Capability

Rigorous staff training is included to provide the best solutions for all our customers.

Equipment and Facilities

These are routinely inspected to increase efficiency and maintain quality.

Logistics Quality Control Ability

Our SAP-based warehouse management system was established to ensure timely and safe delivery.
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Testing Centers

At UniBetter, we have a smart warehouse with 6S standard warehousing management and a testing center covering an area of 2000 square meters. Over 200 team members diligently inspect the incoming materials by following the CSD quality management system standards to ensure that our electronic parts are well-tested and not defective.

UniBetter is Fully Equipped to Conduct Various Laboratory Tests


Packaging testing

Visual Inspection

Acetone test

Electrical testing

X-ray non-destructive testing


Decapsulation testing

Testing Equipment at UniBetter

Research type stereo microscope

OLYMPUS digital microscope

Chemical opening machine


Inspection Process for Incoming Materials

All our incoming materials undergo a rigorous three-level inspection system and we cooperate with third-party authoritative inspection centers such as Foxconn, CECC lab, and White Horse Laboratories.

The First Level

Inspection of packaging and labeling

The Second Level

Visual inspection of the actual body

The Third Level

X-ray, decapsulation, electrical
performance testing

Facilities and Standards

We comply with international industry testing standards. Our gold sample database is used to inspect the incoming materials, and we make comparisons with 10W+ gold sample data to safeguard your electronic components.


UniBetter’s quality control lab is equipped with a 4K high-definition microscope, X-ray tester, metallographic microscope, physical decapper, semiconductor grapher, LCR test bridge, multimeter, and signal generator.  These equipment are used to test the components we receive through our Approved Vendor List (AVL). 

Qualification and Certifications

As we work on delivering high-quality electronic components to our customers, we have created a safe work environment for our employees and we are mindful of minimizing our impact on the external environment. Our continuous efforts have been recognized by awarding bodies.

Your One-stop solution for all your electronic component needs

Our Quality Assurance of electronic components is guaranteed through our proprietary 3-step CSD Management system.