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CUI Devices

The CT-1205-SMT-TR is a surface mount magnetic audio transducer buzzer, operating at a rated voltage of 5V, producing a sound pressure level of 87 dB, and consuming 40 mA of current

CUI Devices

A general-purpose speaker from CUI Devices, featuring a paper cone, ferrite magnet, 250 mW nominal input power, 8 ohm impedance, and a frequency response range of 380 Hz to 8.1 kHz


An ultra-compact, low-power, omnidirectional, digital MEMS microphone with a capacitive sensing element and an IC interface, designed for a wide range of applications including mobile devices, laptops, and digital cameras

CUI Devices

A unidirectional electret condenser microphone with top and bottom ports, featuring a sensitivity of -37 dB and a tolerance of ±3 dB, designed for precise audio capture

PUI Audio

An omnidirectional analog microphone electret condenser, operating between 2V to 10V, with a frequency response from 30Hz to 15kHz and a sensitivity of -42dB ±3dB, suitable for a wide range of audio applications

PUI Audio

A speaker component from PUI Audio, featuring an 8 ohm impedance, 4W power rating, and a sound pressure level of 95dB at 66mm size

DB Unlimited

A dynamic speaker from DB Unlimited, featuring a paper cone, a diameter of 57 mm, and designed to operate at 3.5 kHz with a sound pressure level of 95 dB at 12V

PUI Audio

A 77mm speaker with square frame and 90 dB sensi vity, 4W con nuous, 8W maximum power handling and 8Ω impedance and water-resistant treated paper cone for natural sound

Texas Instruments

A low-power, high-performance, programmable oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO)