UniBetter takes pride in uplifting local communities.

UniBetter is one of the world’s leading independent electronic component providers that integrates value-added services such as distribution, agency, inventory, and technical solutions.

UniBetter has many unique attributes, and being a people-oriented brand is one of them. UniBetter engages in numerous CSR initiatives throughout the calendar year to give back to the local communities.

Unibetter sponsors children’s education.

As an ongoing CSR initiative, UniBetter sponsors children from remote and impoverished mountain areas to help them complete their education. Through a video, the sponsored children got an opportunity to express their gratitude and best wishes for the company to do well. The employees were also given the opportunity to record a video to share a few words with the children.

This initiative helps the UniBetter employees witness the children’s healthy growth and become grateful to be a part of a people-centric company. Unibetter aims to spread warmth and to continue to do more charitable actions in the future.

UniBetter supports the hidden talents of the children at Longgang District welfare center.

UniBetter is highly committed to investing in local communities and nurturing young talent. UniBetter was invited by the Longgang District Welfare Center for an opening ceremony held at the Red Cube Youth Palace in Longgang District.

UniBetter attended the opening ceremony where hand-painted works of children with intellectual disabilities were on display. We also got to witness wonderful theatrical performances and handicrafts which made it clear that these children are full of talent despite their disabilities.

Respect the old, love the old.

It is a traditional virtue to love and respect the elderly in China. UniBetter carried out a program with the theme “Warm the double ninth festival, respect the old, and love the old”

In this event, love materials along with holiday blessings were sent to the elderly at the Luohu District Welfare Home in Shenzhen on the eve of the Double Ninth Festival.

A visit to share the warmth.

The children are the future of any nation. But not every child gets the same blessings. UniBetter Technology has assisted the orphans and disabled children at the Lonngang District Welfare Center to make a positive impact.

The co-founders of UniBetter, Wu Jun, Yan Hongqiang, and Chen Yanzhong, the organization’s middle and high-level officials visited the Longgang District Social Welfare to gift the children picture books, learning stationery, toys, small cakes, milk, and much more.