UniBetter shocked the first exhibition of the South China Electronics Show in Munich in 2020, paying tribute to the 40th anniversary of the technological innovation road of the special zone!

“The Special Zone is a window, a window of technology, management, knowledge, and foreign policy.” Following the 40th anniversary of the opening of this “window”, the first Munich South China Electronics Show also came here for Shenzhen. The “cyborg” opened an electronic “window” that looked at the entire industry chain. And Unibetter, in order to take the pace of innovation and transform into a solution-based agent, pays tribute to the 40th anniversary of the technological innovation road of the special zone!

On November 3-5, 2020, the three-day Munich South China Electronics Show will have an exhibition area of ​​40,000 square meters, carrying 500+ Chinese and foreign innovative pioneer companies, tens of thousands of leading or high-quality technologies, products and solutions, and the most popular theme exhibition area , To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the special zone!
At this exhibition, Unibetter joined hands with its agents to launch a series of products and solutions based on the Internet of Things. It also showcased ten The product line of the remaining cooperative enterprise. Involved in multiple industries, such as small household appliances, personal care, headsets, etc. Demonstrate the company’s hard-core brand strength with multi-dimensional caring services and a strong core team.

In this exhibition, Unibetter focuses on the field of smart home. In the era of fragmentation, Unibetter will inevitably promote the AI ​​chips and related sensor products it represents in the future; for the field of brushless motors, Unibetter always pays attention to it. We are accelerating the establishment of a sense of win-win cooperation with leading customers in the industry, and establishing a strict and orderly mechanism to promote the implementation of cooperative customers’ products; the entire TWS headset solution will also be one of our focuses, and we can better serve our customers. effort.
Unibetter helped the rise of domestic chips, gathered excellent domestic chips, exhibited its innovative products and technical solutions, and witnessed the rise of Chinese power. Unibetter has accumulated many years of technology accumulation, strictly screens the agency product line, has a clear understanding of the original factory, always controls the product details, and distinguishes the high and low ends of the market through market positioning to effectively promote the cooperation of customers in the market. To and promote.

Countless customers who came to consult and understand our brand at the scene learned that Unibetter is not only a chip supplier, but also can provide a complete set of solutions according to customer requirements, both hardware and software, to help customers achieve one-stop This value-added service not only enhances the close contact with customers, but also better grasps customer needs.

As a veteran of semiconductor components, Unibetter has been cultivating semiconductor components for more than ten years and has been continuously adjusting, optimizing and upgrading to meet market demand. In Shenzhen, the city of innovation for 40 years, in the face of the traditional distribution market with deep fish and fierce competition, Unibetter based on its own advantages, through the promotion and exploration of the agent line technology scheme model, Motors and other application markets have emerged. With representative domestic brands as agents, IC solutions that cater to user needs have been independently launched, and many brilliant results have been achieved!