Gowin Semiconductor releases GoAI – the world’s first Artificial Intelligence solution based on domestic FPGA

Guangzhou, China, September 16, 2019-Guangdong Gowin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Gowin Semiconductor”), the world’s fastest-growing programmable logic device supplier, today released a platform based on Gowin’s domestic FPGA hardware platform The latest solution for artificial intelligence (AI) edge computing—GoAI™. Compared with other similar edge computing solutions currently using standard microprocessors, the GoAI™ acceleration solution can achieve a speed increase of nearly 78 times, which has significant acceleration advantages. At the same time, the design process of GoAI™ is fully integrated with the current AI and neural network development framework, which brings great convenience to users’ development and use.

Artificial intelligence is advancing by leaps and bounds in Internet of Things (IoT) terminals and cloud edge applications. This is mainly due to its ability to make intelligent decisions without a network connection to the data center, and has the advantages of low power consumption, small size, and high cost performance; high Cloud GoAI™ fully supports the current general artificial intelligence development tools. By connecting to the existing caffe and ARM CMSIS-NN framework, edge testing and AI solution deployment can be easily realized. Users can easily implement model training, quantification and testing on the microcontroller embedded in the Gowin FPGA chip, so as to achieve the effect of accelerating the model through Gowin FPGA to improve the real-time performance of the system.

“Many edge computing AI solutions require special special software when deploying trained neural network models on FPGAs, which creates many obstacles for developers.” said Grant Jennings, International Marketing Director of Gowin Semiconductor. Connected to general artificial intelligence software tools that can realize quantification and optimization, we can provide users with more convenient and efficient AI solutions. This can help users shorten the time to market and better realize collaborative development, and provide users with Provide more options to balance product cost and performance.

The GoAI™ accelerator of Gowin Semiconductor provides an AHB interface. Users can use the state machine to control the accelerator through the AHB interface. At the same time, the GoAI™ solution includes a soft core processor or a hardened Arm Cortex-M3 processor, which can also be used to control the accelerator. It also provides many interfaces for interconnecting with FPGA, allowing developers to connect MIPI CSI-2 cameras or various I2S microphones and other interfaces with accelerators.

“Due to strict size and power consumption constraints, edge AI solutions have extremely high flexibility in modeling requirements for specific domains.” According to Dr. Liu Jianhua, Director of Software Engineering at Gaoyun Semiconductor. “GoAI™ perfectly combines the embedded processor and FPGA accelerator, and integrates the existing artificial intelligence tool chain, creating a unique, high-speed and efficient artificial intelligence development environment, which can be widely used in current edge computing, etc. The field of artificial intelligence.”

GoAI™ solutions from Gowin Semiconductor will be showcased at the ARM Techcon 2019 conference (2019.10.8-10, San Jose, California), MIPI DevCon conference (2019.10.18 Taipei) and ICCAD 2019 (2019.11.21-22, Nanjing) , And give a keynote speech at ICCAD. Its demonstration system is an object detection system based on GoAI™, which collects image information through a camera and uses the GoAI™ solution to recognize various objects. The FPGA uses a neural network trained on the CIFAR10 data set and is configured in the GoAI™ accelerator to provide real-time recognition results.

About Gowin Semiconductor:

Guangdong Goyun Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. was established in January 2014. The company is committed to developing domestic FPGA solutions and promoting their industrialization, aiming to launch national brand FPGA chips with core independent intellectual property rights. The company aims to provide users with the highest quality services, and can provide one-stop services including chips, design software, soft cores, reference designs, and demo boards.

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