Gaoyun vehicle-grade FPGA passed SAIC 2500-hour durability tests

On December 16, 2021, Shanghai, China, Gowin Semiconductor, a leading domestic FPGA manufacturer in China, and Shanghai Automotive Transmission Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SAIC Transmission) jointly announced that GOWIN Semiconductor's automotive-grade FPGA passed the 2500-hour high temperature endurance test of SAIC transmission products , Loaded high and low temperature cycle durability test, temperature shock, vibration shock test and 30,000 kilometers test of the whole vehicle.

FPGA in the automotive field

At present, in the automotive field, FPGA applications are becoming more and more extensive, including ADAS/AD systems, motor control, lidar, on-board infotainment systems, and driver information systems. There is room for growth in the future. An international cutting-edge FPGA manufacturer has formed a self-generating and mature closed-loop ecosystem in automobiles, providing everything from advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous driving (AD), lidar to in-vehicle infotainment systems (IVI) and drivers With the support of all aspects of information (DI), especially in the field of auto-driving cars, shipments have increased rapidly. In the domestic market, Gowin Semiconductor is the only domestic FPGA chip manufacturer that has passed vehicle regulations.

According to data from the Huajing Industry Research Institute, the global automotive semiconductor market is expected to reach 65.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2022, accounting for 12% of the global semiconductor market, and becoming the fastest growing part of the semiconductor segment. Relying on its flexibility and parallel processing capabilities, FPGAs are widely used in the fields of automotive cameras and lidars. In particular, the development of autonomous driving technology will significantly increase the value of FPGAs in automotive semiconductors. It is estimated that by 2025, the FPGA automotive electronics market will exceed US$2.5 billion.

“Gowin Semiconductor’s automotive-grade FPGA has passed SAIC’s rigorous endurance test, load high and low temperature cycle test, and 30,000 kilometers of the vehicle,” said Li Yu, chief engineer of SAIC Transmission. The high reliability of this technology can to a large extent alleviate the serious core shortage problem of domestic auto companies in such applications, and at the same time can enjoy the rapid response and high-quality technical support of local suppliers.”

Wang Tianping, Chief Technology Officer of Gowin Semiconductor and General Manager of Shanghai Xianji Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. of the R&D Center, said: “It is a very challenging task to reach or approach the failure rate of 0 PPM for automotive regulations. The quality control of packaging and testing has strict industry standards. Gowin Semiconductor takes precautions, and has made advance layout in the selection and design of process nodes a few years ago. Several FPGAs have passed the certification of vehicle regulations and have been approved by many famous domestic and foreign auto companies. Dozens of cars are shipped in large quantities. There are still several car-regulated chips in the process of certification. In addition, according to the research and development progress, more car-regulated chips based on advanced process nodes will be launched in 2022.”

About Guangdong Gowin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Gowin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in domestic field programmable logic device (FPGA) R&D and industrialization as its core, aiming to launch a national brand FPGA chip with core independent intellectual property rights, providing integrated design software, IP core, Refer to high-tech companies with integrated and complete solutions such as design, development boards, and customized services. Through the selection of the latest technology and design optimization, it is possible to obtain superior products that are equivalent or faster than similar products of the international giants in the existing market, but the power consumption is greatly reduced. Mass replacement of mainstream international FPGA chips will truly enable my country to achieve high density. In FPGA applications, it gets rid of international high-end chip import restrictions, and has its own Chinese core in some 4G/5G communication network construction, data center security, industrial control and other applications.

Goyun can replace the list of mainstream international FPGA chip models

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