Navigating Supply Chain Disruption and an Electronic Component Price Surge for a Leader in the Industrial Control Industry


The COVID-19 pandemic posed unprecedented challenges to global supply chains, causing disruptions that affected industries worldwide. A small-scale company in the industrial control industry in Germany faced a critical situation when a key component, became scarce due to surging demand and production constraints. This case study examines how UniBetter's procurement team navigated these challenges, demonstrating strategic decision-making and customer-centric actions that not only mitigated the impact of the supply chain disruption but, also strengthened customer trust.

The Challenge

As the pandemic spread, Company F’s supply chain encountered significant difficulties. The demand for AT91SAM7S512B-AU-999 far exceeded the available supply, and the market price for this component soared to $85, a substantial increase from its pre-pandemic price of $6.4. This price surge represented a considerable obstacle for Company F and its customers, who relied heavily on this part for their operations.

UniBetter's Strategic Approach

UniBetter’s procurement team, faced with the daunting task of securing the necessary inventory, showcased their expertise and resourcefulness. After extensive and arduous negotiations with both the government and the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), they successfully secured an agreement to acquire the entire inventory of 250,000 pieces (250kpcs).

Customer-Centric Decision Making

In a bold move that prioritized long-term relationships over short-term profits, UniBetter chose not to capitalize on the market’s high demand by selling the inventory at elevated prices. Instead, they maintained their commitment to their regular customers, who had urgent needs and had already placed orders. This decision was a testament to UniBetter’s dedication to customer loyalty and trust.

Maintaining Pre-Pandemic Pricing

Despite the market volatility and the potential for significant financial gain, UniBetter continued to supply the critical component at the original price level of $6.4, absorbing the cost difference. This approach not only alleviated the financial burden on their customers but also reinforced UniBetter’s reputation as a reliable and ethical partner in the industrial control industry.

Outcomes and Impact

UniBetter’s strategic response to the supply chain disruption had several positive outcomes:

  • Customer Trust: By honoring their commitments and maintaining pre-pandemic pricing, UniBetter enhanced customer trust and loyalty, which is invaluable in the industrial control industry.
  • Brand Reputation: The company’s actions during the crisis contributed to a stronger brand reputation, positioning UniBetter as a leader that customers can depend on during challenging times.
  • Market Positioning: UniBetter’s ability to secure a large inventory and manage it effectively allowed them to meet customer demands when others could not, potentially increasing their market share.


UniBetter’s handling of the supply chain disruption during the COVID-19 pandemic serves as an exemplary case of effective procurement and customer-centric decision-making. The company’s strategic approach not only mitigated the immediate challenges but also strengthened its long-term relationships with customers, showcasing the importance of ethical conduct and resilience in the face of adversity. UniBetter’s story is a powerful illustration of how businesses can navigate supply chain disruptions with wisdom, talent, and a steadfast commitment to their core values.