Medical Electronics

We understand the critical nature of the medical industry. All our electronic components for medical devices comply with industry-specific standards including FDA regulations.

Reliable Electronic Parts are Key to Creating Diagnostic, Monitoring, Therapeutic, and Implantable Medical Devices

As a business in the medical electronics industry, your main objective is to create medical electronics to improve healthcare and patient treatments. The functionality of medical electronics ranges from diagnosis to monitoring, and medical procedures.

The electronic components you choose will play a major role in the development, functionality, and improvement of existing medical electronics. This can be seen in several key areas.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards

For patient safety, the medical devices you develop must comply with regulatory standards. Electronic components used in these devices must have low leakage current requirements and compliance with EMI/RFI noise emission and susceptibility standards. UniBetter can deliver high-quality electronic components to meet these standards.

Creating Advanced Medical Devices

Creating modern diagnostic equipment, wearable health monitors, and implantable devices that are miniaturized and less intrusive for patients is a great way for you to have a competitive advantage. High-quality electronic components such as microcontrollers, sensors, capacitors, and semiconductors help you create such advanced medical devices.

Improvement of Patient Care and Monitoring

The integration of the latest electronic components enables you to innovate wearable devices with sensors and wireless communication. These innovations will enable you to help your patients detect potential health issues early and improve chronic disease management.

Remote Healthcare Services

With the help of modern electronic components, you can create medical electronics that transmit patient data to healthcare providers in real time, enabling remote diagnosis, monitoring, and even treatment.

Why UniBetter for Your Medical Electronics?

Meeting Standards

UniBetter audits all electronic component supply chain channels and if there’s any dishonest behavior or if any of the suppliers do not maintain standards, they get blacklisted.

Research and Development

There is no minimum order quantity. You can order a small batch of components that is required for your R&D projects.

Quick Responses for Inquiries

We have a team of over 200 professionals who work 24/7 to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.