Electric Power

With UniBetter you gain access to advanced electronic components for power generation, transmission, or distribution.

Become a Game Changer in the Electric Power Industry

A proper electricity supply is commonly needed for residential, commercial, industrial, and transportation purposes. Electronic components are the foundation of the electric power industry as they are needed for power generation and power transmission.

The quality of the electronic components is crucial as they are integral in managing and controlling the flow of electrical energy. This ensures efficiency, reliability, and safety across the power grid.

Power Generation

To fulfill your power generation requirements, UniBetter keeps an inventory of sensors and controllers. These will help you monitor and control the operation of power plants. This includes conventional sources like coal and natural gas, as well as renewable sources such as solar and wind.

Power Transmission

For you to transmit power in an efficient way, we have a range of power electronics that transfer high-voltage electricity over long distances. These electronic parts will help you effectively reduce losses over long transmission distances. You can also optimize the flow and quality of power through the grid.

Power Distribution

We have a range of advanced sensors, meters, and automated switches that can be incorporated into smart grids, which are used to regulate and distribute electricity safely and efficiently. Reliable electronic components will help you monitor and manage the grid in real-time, receive quick responses to changes in the demand and supply of electricity, and improve the integration of renewable energy sources.

Why UniBetter for Electric Power Generation & Distribution?

Trained Engineering Support

Our experienced engineering support team takes the necessary steps to protect the sensitive components.

ESD Association 20.20 Certified

UniBetter maintains a system that reduces ESD damage to the electronic components and reduces downtime of machinery.

Latest Components

Our global procurement team is always looking out for the latest components that will help you create power electronics that can handle higher voltages and temperatures