Tackling Counterfeit Semiconductor Concerns with UniBetter’s Support

Published on: June 20, 2024

The semiconductor industry is booming in 2024. While chip manufacturing companies can increase sales, they also struggle to match the demand level, which has resulted in increased chip prices and chip supply shortages.

Many experts forecast that the rise in demand for AI and memory chips is the main reason for the increased demand for semiconductors. In 2023, there were bottlenecks in graphic processing units (GPUs) for large-scale AI applications. The uncertainty in the memory market, particularly for high bandwidth memory (HBM) products, which are essential for AI, and ongoing geopolitical restrictions have raised concerns about a shortage in the semiconductor industry.

A shortage in any market becomes the ideal condition for distributing counterfeit products. Counterfeit electronic components are the ones that are imitation components created and fraudulently distributed as genuine products for profit generation. Counterfeit semiconductors are distributed by extracting semiconductor components from old circuit boards and then re-marking them to indicate they are new or that they have better performance than the original components. 

These counterfeit semiconductors cannot be distinguished from authentic semiconductors and when they are used for manufacturing, it negatively impacts the performance of the electronic products. As semiconductors are the core of electronics, counterfeit semiconductors risk the manufacturing company’s product quality, reputation, and safety. 

UniBetter goes the extra mile to deliver authentic electronic components to the customers. Regardless of the changes in the global business environment, UniBetter maintains several strategies to ensure that you get the highest quality electronic components.

  1. AVL Supply Management System
    Unibetter has established an AVL (Approved Vendor List) supply management system to ensure quality control before distribution, guaranteeing the quality of chips and eliminating counterfeit products.

    Based on the nature of the suppliers, we categorize them into four levels:
    • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
    • Authorized Distributors
    • Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)
    • Domestic and International End Users

    The UniBetter team conducts strict admission audits for suppliers and if any supplier engages in unethical practices, we immediately eliminate cooperation.

  1. CSD Quality Management System

UniBetter’s proprietary CSD quality management system and the internal quality control flow ensure that you receive authentic electronic parts. This framework is designed to meticulously manage quality, standardize operational procedures, and continually enhance service delivery.


  • All-inclusive working procedures – All branches follow established procedures.
  • 100% incoming material inspection – Three-level inspection system for incoming materials.
  • Channel management control – AVL system categorizes suppliers (M, D, O, E) for effective quality management.


  • International working standard procedure – Established procedures meet international standards.
  • Inspection standard – Strict adherence to international and industry testing standards.
  • Golden sample database – In-house “gold sample library” maintains quality benchmarks.


  • Service capability – Rigorous staff training ensures optimal customer solutions.
  • Equipment & facilities capabilities – Prompt inspection to enhance efficiency and capabilities.
  • Quality control & compliance – SAP-based warehouse management system ensures timely and safe delivery.


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