Senior Electronic Sales Engineer


  • Responsible for independent development of potential (End-users) type customers, and appropriate business trips, visits and handling relationship maintenance。
  • Responsible for collecting and analyzing relevant information about customers’products and competitors, and can formulate corresponding sales plans according to customer needs。
  • Responsible for establishing customer files, management, and tracking;
  • Responsible for handling customer’s various demand inquiry, and quoting and follow-up according to customer characteristics。
  • Responsible for facilitating business details such as price negotiation and contract signing in business cooperation。
  • Responsible for completing personal performance goals and various assessment indicators in accordance with the company’s plan objectives。
  • Responsible for the tracking of goods and the recovery of payment for the cooperative customers
  • Responsible for solving customer return and exchange processing.



  • Full-time bachelor degree or above, major in electronics, communication, computer, marketing, etc.。
  • No requirements of experience in the electronics industry, can accept outstanding fresh graduates。
  • Priority for those who have more than one year of sales work experience。
  • Strong literacy skills in English。
  • Agile logical thinking, good communication skills, proactive, and pleasant personality。
  • Integrity, pragmatism, teamwork awareness and good psychological quality
  • Strong desire for success and can withstand certain work pressures.



  • Base salary + performance + no capping of commission


Employee Benefits:

  • Implement a 5 days, 8hs work system;;
  • Provide national holidays, paid annual leave after one year of employment;
  • Provide a free medical check-up once a year;
  • Provide social insurance;
  • Provide the wedding fund and year-end bonus;
  • Group trips.
Job type: Full TIme

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