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In 2015, Unibetter Technology "Smelt Team Challenge Passion" outreach training

In 2015, Unibetter Technology "Smelt Team Challenge Passion" outreach training

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  • Time of issue:2013-12-11 23:04
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(Summary description)The expansion training is over, but the shock left in my heart is eternal. Although the training time is short, the harvest is great. Looking back on the challenges and trials in training, I feel quite deeply.

In 2015, Unibetter Technology "Smelt Team Challenge Passion" outreach training

(Summary description)The expansion training is over, but the shock left in my heart is eternal. Although the training time is short, the harvest is great. Looking back on the challenges and trials in training, I feel quite deeply.

  • Categories:Activity
  • Time of issue:2013-12-11 23:04
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  The expansion training is over, but the shock left in my heart is eternal. Although the training time is short, the harvest is great. Looking back on the challenges and trials in training, I feel quite deeply. This training is a great baptism of the body and mind, and it is the driving force to further promote the self to do all the work well. It is not just a simple training, but a perfect embodiment of teamwork spirit. After this training, we understand a lot and let us grow a lot.

  Let us look back at the activities of the two days and one night together.

  Each teammate started their small brains for their team, took a resounding team name and slogan and wrote them on the team flag, the flag represents the spirit of a team, the flag cannot be down.

  The first team (yellow) team name: Bulls, slogan: Your energy is beyond your imagination.

  The name of the second team (blue): the team that looks very good, the slogan: obviously rely on face, rely on strength.

  The name of the third team (red): Herd team, slogan: Herd of the wind, who will fight for madness.

  Next, proceed to our first expansion project on the first day: Climbing the ladder

  In the process of "climbing the ladder", it is required that two people cooperate to climb the 8-meter-high ladder without resorting to any external force.

  The grouping of men and women is adopted, and one person is willing to make the base, let another colleague step on his thigh and shoulder to climb up, and finally let the colleague who climbed up, pull himself up, and climb up.

  There are no accusations and complaints, and more tolerance and support.

  The second expansion project: water extraction from minefields

  Comrades, today we have to complete a difficult and dangerous task together. After a fierce battle with the enemy, our squad is facing the difficulty of running out of ammunition and food due to the long battle. Our team found a water source on the way, but the water source was surrounded by enemy landmines. Therefore, all members of the team should assist the engineers in taking out the water and replenishing supplies within the specified time.

  Everyone is thinking of trying to get more water for the soldiers on the front line. Please enjoy the various methods of getting water:

  After the event ended, each team made a summary. In the process of collecting water in the minefield, because of personal reasons and communication did not help well, a foul occurred.

  The third project: the power grid of life and death

  What needs to be traversed is a "grid" (rope net) perpendicular to the ground. There are two holes in the net to make a living. Any part of the passing body, including clothing, is not allowed to touch its edges. Touching it is an "electric shock", and the person who is crossing the grid must return to the original place.

  During this activity, only one team leader can speak to assign tasks, and no one else can make any noises (such as clapping hands, talking, laughter, etc.). If they make a sound, they will all be punished.

  Watching the opposing teammates being punished, they left the opportunity to others in order to allow others to cross over first, and the opposing colleagues cried. Their hands are trembling all the time, and their strength is almost gone. They must be very tired. We are all secretly scolding the instructor in our hearts, why is it not over yet? But to enter the expansion base, everything has to be listened to by the instructor.

  Although the night is dark, the expansion is not over yet

  The fourth project: the journey of life

  Within a limited time, the blindfolded players, with the help of their teammates, pass through obstacles to reach their destination. During the process, the blindfolded team member must not remove the blindfold, and the blindfolded player must not open his mouth to remind his teammates.

  You don't know what the road under your feet looks like when you can't see it? You will be afraid, you will be afraid, and you will panic. You really need someone you can trust and is willing to help you.

  The expansion of the first day is over, let us look forward to the activities of the second day.

  The weather in the next morning was really good, and the cool breeze was blowing to feel the refreshment that autumn brought us. Let us hug and exercise together to start a new day.

  The first project: Fruits Lianlian View

  Each team is discussing the test, how to divide the labor? Who takes it? Who records the position of the fruit? How to record? How to notify the next one? In short, find ways to get more fruits.

  Suddenly team cohesion, team spirit, sense of cooperation, and mutual communication and exchanges between teams have improved a lot.

  The Bulls got the least amount of fruit and was fined to suspend activities for 10 minutes, only to watch the other two teams proceed to the next event.

  The second project: toe pressure board skipping

  What a painful comprehension, 8 players in each team must complete 10 skipping ropes at once.

  Seeing colleagues are painful and tired and become a "dog", haha

  Hurry, hurry, hurry up to the mountain

  The third item to solve the bracelet

  All personnel cross their hands, with their right hand pressed on their left hand; the team members must form a circle with the handle of the third teammate on the left and right; keep the posture of the handle with the teammate unchanged, do not let go or change hands; through physical activities, the solution becomes face-to-face Circle.

  The Bulls, the Outstanding Team, and the Chasing Team all passed this project at one time. Unknowingly, the encouragement, support, and tacit cooperation between colleagues and colleagues is getting better and better.

  How could it be missing the brand-name item.

  The fourth project: tear off the famous brand

  It's too exciting and too bloody. A group of usually gentle colleagues is different when they go on the battlefield. It can no longer be used to describe the scene with crazy words.

  The fifth project everyone rowing

  A Penny, it’s hard to cross the ocean and everyone is paddling. Start a big sailing boat. A small tree. We can’t help but wind and rain hundreds of miles of forest. Side by side are cold-resistant. Thousands of you add me, I add you, everyone is in the same boat, let the sea give way, yell the horns, the waves are on the side, and the waves are fighting for the current, thousands of sails go in, the waves are behind, the shore is in front of a chopstick, light Ten pairs of chopsticks were lightly broken and held tightly into a slap, and the clap did not sound. Ten thousand applauses, the sound shook the sky, the sound shook the sky, and the sea gave way to the sea Hundreds of birds compete for the current, thousands of sails advance, the waves are behind, and the shore is ahead.

  Unibetter is this kind of spirit together, let us row the boat together, rowing to the place we want to reach.

  How could it be possible to miss a group photo in the end?

  The two days and one night of Unibetter Technology’s "Team Challenge Passion" outreach training camp ended.

  In these two days and one night, everyone has feelings. Many projects have made us feel the insignificance of individual strength, the strength of collective strength, and the infinite collective wisdom, which can form an elite team. Fortunately, although I am ordinary, I am in an excellent team.

  Iron discipline is the guarantee for completing tasks. Everyone has different habits, preferences, strengths and weaknesses. Some are good for the team, and some are harmful. We must correctly distinguish between working time and rest time, personal time and team time. Don't bring the bad habits in life to the team, actively and quickly change your role and mentality, position yourself accurately, and obey the arrangement. In order to complete the tasks of the team, we must strictly abide by discipline, unity and cooperation, which is the prerequisite and guarantee for the smooth completion of various tasks.

  Too much happened during the two-day and one-night expansion. We felt too much joy and touch. Let us look forward to the next expansion.

  Love your Unibetter, we love Unibetter!

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